League Table and Submissions Information

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Notes for submitters

  1. Information submitted before the quarterly deadlines will be eligible for inclusion in our league tables of advisers on global M&A transactions.  These will rank the top advisers globally, regionally and locally according to the volume and value of deals announced  since the beginning of the year which they have advised on.
  2. Deals announced after the deadline can be submitted individually as they are announced.  They will be included in our league tables up to the date of publication where possible.
  3. Our published league tables are based on global transactions of over US$5m.  If the financial details cannot be disclosed for a particular transaction, please confirm that the deal value is more than US$5m.
  4. Where the stake transfer is below 30% the minimum deal value for inclusion increases to US$100m. (We also track minority stake deals (deal value: US$5m – US$99m, stake size: 10% – 29%) for Asia-Pacific targets in our database. However, these deals are currently not collated in our global press releases.)
  5. For our  full criteria, please refer to the following link: Mergermarket M&A deal database criteria.
  6. If you are sending a list, please let us know if it is your firm’s comprehensive global list, or covers your region only.
  7. Please use Excel for lists where possible and note that we cannot accept pdfs.

League Tables
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Financial Advisors League Tables Report 
Legal Advisors League Tables Report

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How to stay up to date

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Tables and reminders are usually sent out once a quarter and at other times we will only contact you if we have a specific query regarding the information you have submitted.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our submissions process, league tables or any other deal-related enquiries, please email our Research Team.

Submissions Deadlines 

Don't forget to submit your M&A deal information before our next quarterly deadline

Legal advisors
Q3 2021 deadline – 3rd of September

Financial advisors
Q3 2021 deadline – 10th of September

Please note that these deadlines are only a quarterly cut-off and you can submit deal information at any time.  Submitting any deal information at the earliest opportunity will ensure your deal activity is accurately represented in our database, reports and league tables, at all times.